5 Digital Marketing Trends Businesses Must Follow in 2017

2016 was indeed a wonderful year for digital marketing, but there are always increasing number of challenges, as businesses look forward to more growth and revenue in 2017. Frankly, nobody can tell the future, but from the trends seen last year, it won’t be out of place to discuss the possible trends in the industry this year, drawing cues from the last year.

  1. Content Marketing

An integrated content marketing strategy would be the talk of the year, since consumers are increasingly being used to informative and entertaining content. In fact, lately there has been a lot of rate race to get web content published resulting in a large expansion in content volume.

This content war has prompted businesses to look for new ways of audience engagement and various technologies have evolved to fuel this phenomenon. For instance, YouTube and Facebook have come up with 360-degree videos, with a number of other brands following suit for an innovative experience.

Also, as Martech Guru Scott Brinker foresees, the 4th wave of content marketing will see the advent of more interactive marketing apps. In addition to this, there will be more focus on ROI measurement for content marketing, all of which you can get professionally done by a recognized digital marketing agency in Delhi.

  1. Enhanced Personalization

Big data has a number of uses, so far as digital presence is concerned. The personalization of giants like Netflix and Amazon reveal how data can be leveraged to enhance customer experience, the key drivers being customer insight and predictive analytics.

This type of one-to-one marketing is increasingly becoming the norm as brands are increasingly using it to send across their message. In fact, businesses are relying more and more on real-time data to boost sales through email marketing and website personalization.

  1. Mobile Marketing

This was always a top trend since the past few years, but has lately gained more ground with companies making it a point to go for mobile responsive web design. The mobile phenomenon would continue to have its almost all-pervasive impact over search marketing, as Google continues to adhere to its mobile first dogma.

However, there will still be takers for laptop, desktop and tablet devices so businesses with mobile responsive designs may lead to a sharp decline in conversion over higher resolution screens. So, the best thing for businesses would be to adopt adaptive mobile design approaches in order to serve more contextual, relevant content across different devices.

  1. Live Video Streaming

“In-the-moment” content is more in demand, as social media users are willing to experience a new world that was inaccessible to them before. With faster internet and widespread use of mobile phones, live video has turned into a phenomenon, more so as the live streaming functionality is being added to more platforms and apps. This kind of video has been popular for a few years now, but 2017 will possibly see this trend fully unfurl its wings, as more individuals and brands adopt it.

  1. Native Advertising

Native advertising is not something new, but has been in use for a number of years by brands inclined towards a more natural-looking visibility. But its prominence is likely to increase in 2017, naturally driven by market forces. The boost in native advertising is gradually being triggered by reduced penetration of online advertising in many areas, through declining social media organic search, ad blockers, and more.

To keep up with these trends in a more convenient manner and give a new dimension to your business promotion, it would be wise to take the assistance of a professional digital marketing agency in Delhi. 2017 has just started and it’s the time to start planning and make the most of these emerging trends.

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