5 Essential AdWords Tricks to Improve Lead Generation

5 Essential AdWords Tricks to Improve Lead Generation

With marketing and advertising costs rising day by day, digital marketing seems to be the cheapest and most relevant stream of marketing for most businesses today. Google AdWords has come as a breath of fresh air for businesses looking to get their marketing done on the cheap. It is a paid form of internet advertising created by Google. The best part about this is that you only have to pay when a user clicks on an ad. A reputed digital marketing agency can help you a lot in this regard.

Here are some ways to improve the traffic on your website so that you can generate leads more efficiently.

Creating a Landing Page

The landing page must be created with complete focus on the user because this is the place where the user lands after clicking on the ad. Various factors need to be considered in order to create a good landing page, and first of all you need to define why this landing page is required. Landing pages serve as a welcome mat for your website and they can incorporate “Sign Up” offers, surveys, and so on. Guidance from a reputed digital marketing agency will help in coming up with a good idea for your landing page.

Using keywords efficiently

Ideally for every 2-3 keywords there should be a Pay Per Click ad or a landing page. Many fail to do this and end up using too many keywords in an ad group. Using up to ten keywords is the most that should be done with respect to a lone ad group. This helps in getting rid of pointless and dissimilar keywords. The aim is to target a detailed audience group. Using keywords efficiently will help in doing so.

Including negative keywords

People often tend to look up negative aspects of a product, service or person. For example, if one mobile phone starts bursting, people will start searching all mobile phones with the word “bursting”. In order to take advantage of this human tendency, inclusion of negative keywords must be encouraged. This not only improves your “search-ability”, but also gives you an edge over your competitors.

Test campaigns

Since these AdWords campaigns are cheap, your business can resort to test marketing campaigns in order to see the legitimacy and reach that it provides. The test marketing campaigns can help you experiment and acquire knowledge regarding which keywords to bid on and about the whole process in general. Thus your next marketing campaign will be more strategic and successful.

Keeping track of clicks

Since AdWords is a pay per click system, it is paramount to keep a track of the number of clicks you get and tally the same with any boost in business. This should be done thoroughly in order to make sure that your investment is fruitful.

With the advent of Google AdWords, the risk of excessive marketing costs for a business has been reduced considerably. Following these steps and availing the assistance of an efficient digital marketing agency will help you master this art of ‘controlled marketing’.

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