An Insight into the World of Augmented Reality

An Insight into the World of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is like a buzz in the recent times which basically uses digital technology for overlaying information in video, image or text format onto some of the everyday objects in the real world. The user will be normally using a smartphone, tablet or headset for viewing the world using augmented reality. Expert providers of digital marketing services can utilize augmented reality to make the marketers capable of transforming an object that is static. For example, a printed magazine can be transformed into an immersive three – dimensional experience with augmented reality.

But augmented reality should not be confused with virtual reality since both are different. Virtual reality works by completely immersing the user in a world that is computer generated. But in case of augmented reality, the normal world is shown to the user and then the elements are added for enhancing it using digital overlays.

The working of augmented reality

At the time when the users scan a trigger of augmented reality using their device, the application of augmented reality will look out for the patterns of video or images that is to be displayed over the view from the camera of the device. When the device is moved by the user the augmented reality overlay will also move which allows the user to view the projected information from various angles. The two types of augmented reality technology that are currently in use are marker based augmented reality and marker less augmented reality. By leveraging these technologies, providers of digital marketing services can help marketers to a significant extent.

The benefits of augmented reality

There are a number of benefits that you can get by using augmented reality which are as discussed below:

Brand awareness is increased

Digital marketing services providers often make use of augmented reality campaigns for increasing the awareness about your brand. By putting in that extra factor, they help to attract customers and also make the media talk good about your brand. Augmented reality is particularly very effective for raising the awareness about your brand which is highly beneficial for the development of your business.

Customer engagement is increased

The augmented reality presents the matter to the customers in such a way that it makes a long-lasting impression on the customers and thereby increases the engagement of the customers. Therefore, augmented reality plays a vital role in yielding successful results from the marketing campaigns by increasing the engagement of the customers.

Customer experience is improved

The integration of augmented reality into the marketing campaign can improve the experience of the customer to a significant extent. This is because the customers have a lot more information at their disposal which allows them to make more choices and finish the transactions at a greater speed.


One of the biggest benefits of augmented reality is its ability to make the digital marketing campaigns more attractive and innovation, thereby captivating a large number of prospective and existing customers.

Augmented reality goes a long way in helping to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing channels. By making use of this phenomenon, companies can create powerful promotional campaigns.

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