Making Your Content Ready to Face the Mobile-First Index

Making Your Content Ready to Face the Mobile-First Index

The mobile pages will soon start becoming default versions that are used in the rankings of Google search, as more number of people has started to put their faith on the mobile devices for almost all the activities that they are doing online. The contents that are displayed on the mobile phones should be displayed in a correct manner. This, in turn, will help you to directly jump to the important points without having to cut out the entire content. The structure of the content viewed by the user is extremely important.

When companies are going for mobile content, it is advisable to opt for content marketing services, as the content needs to be made conveniently accessible to users, even when they want detailed information. The structure is extremely important, and hence, here are certain things you should consider including.

The Table of Contents

You have to understand that you are not an author, and people do not like going through each and every word that you are writing. It is true that having comprehensive information on the web page is necessary, but nobody would like to keep on scrolling. The table of contents is an important content strategy that allows you to organize your contents properly. Content marketing services provided by a premier agency will help you to organize your content easily. When the contents are combined with the HTML bookmarks, the users jump quickly to that part of the pages where they would be interested.

The HTML Headings

The HTML headings are also known as the heading tags which help you to organize the content into various sections. By going for HTML Headings, you can structure your page in a very logical manner. Heading tags help to make the entire content ‘skimmable’.

Expandable Content

The content areas that are expandable are also referred to as the accordions. These are generally used for greater details or the Frequently Answered Questions section, and are considered to be good ways to keep the page short and easy to navigate. The users can also access the important sections that you have written.


The tabbed contents are used a lot less on the mobile devices because of the limited availability of space, but on the other hand, it is an excellent alternative to the contents that are expandable. The purpose that is served is the same, which is hiding the contents that are not needed immediately.


Filters are the most natural ways for cutting out the larger parts in contents that might not interest the users. When you are providing users with the option of seeing what they want, you are actually making it a lot easier for them to look for that part of the information which they want to.

You may also incorporate some bullet points, which are in fact one of the greatest ways of conveying a huge amount of information very quickly. Then there is always the provision of including italic, bold or highlighted texts, which are content strategies that can further adorn your content. On the whole, you should get your content aptly designed for the mobiles, and availing content marketing services can be of great help.

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