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Injection Moulding, Wire Harness and PVC Wires, PU/Chrome plated components

In the modern world of gadgets and gizmos, it takes some digital help for a brand to come into the scene like a hero. Digital Flic, the whiz at digital marketing services produced the best solutions for Panplast, the one stop solution provider of plastic and PVC wiring. People focus on the end results and overlook all the components that have gone behind making the product. In order to highlight the fact that Panplast is the strategy supplier of Godrej & Boyce, Digital Flic paid attention to even the most minute of details so that the brand can stay ahead in the market of Plastic Injection molded components, wire harnesses, PVC wires, power cords, PU/Chrome plated plastic components and Condenser assembly for refrigerators.

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