Business Development Manager

We are hiring Business Development Managers, having sound experience to deal with mobile and web application development projects belonging to clients from overseas.

Job Description:

  • An individual who has strong technical and negotiation talent
  • Must have 2-4 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Web Development & Mobile Apps and Project Acquisition & Closing.
  • Must have required, advanced and strong technical knowledge to stay abreast with the trending Web and Mobile Technologies.
  • Must have quality project selection and bidding skills.
  • Skill to generate lead through existing database and from social networks will be counted well.
  • Must be analytical enough to understand complex project requirements and prepare detailed proposal / bid to generate leads
  • Must have great written and verbal skills in English to communicate effectively with overseas clients
    Must possess skills to draft engaging email, documents and presentation content.
  • Optimistic, self motivated and must meet sales target regularly
  • Must have the smartness and presence of mind to communicate with the clients technically and prepare convincing write ups/messages
  • Must have already closed Web and mobile Apps Development projects.
  • Must be a whiz in requirement gathering and proposal/ wire-frame drafting
  • Must have logical, technological and sense of right flow and cost negotiation skills.


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