Web Designer

Looking for an individual with an in depth knowledge in HTML that could be translated into the finesse of web designing.

We are ready to welcome someone in the Digital Flic family who is passionate about his/her job, has good experience in web designing, has a creative mind to handle the part of the organization that is specifically dedicated to marketing and creative solutions.  We will be delighted to have someone with sound knowledge in HTML, whose talent is not limited to any specific industry but can spread across various fields covering clients from across the country and across several disciplines. Our organization is a generative platform for homing connections and expanding them within the field. Our organization will also support building a portfolio of projects belonging to prestigious clients.

Job responsibility will include:

An individual who can work closely with teams across the companies dealing in social, web and sales activities in order to collect input that could later be implemented through exclusive designs. The person must have the ability to plan, design, create web templates and engaging visual content for campaigns and other content that the creative design team posts on the organizations social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Desired Skills and Experience:

-An individual who can juxtapose and mix advertising creative, campaigns, marketing collaterals, emailers, brochures, web creating skills, print intelligence and more to give a brand a unique identity.

-Having good knowledge about Photoshop/Coral Draw/Adobe Illustrator will add up to what we have expected. We will like to see a strong portfolio of the individual’s existing work. Approach to complicated situations with creative thinking skills and unique through process is highly preferred.

-It will be noteworthy if the individual will have the desire to research and implement new concepts of designing that will add up to the unmatchable production skills regarding layout, colour and typography.

-The individual must be able to work independently as well as in sync with the team and must be sporty and flexible enough to give priority to urgent requirements and volatile changes regarding tasks.

-Must be proficient in written and verbal communication and should express him/herself in a clear way be it through email or in person.



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