Digital Content Trends That Will Rock in 2019

Digital Content Trends That Will Rock in 2019

  1. The Importance of Analytics Will Only Increase

The need to exploit the inherent value of content is needful of new metrics to quantify and assess it.

Marketers will widen their practice of recounting from DAM systems (Digital Asset Management) to further comprehend content-based ROI streams. Questions such as these will have better answers –

  • Who is accessing the content
  • What purpose is the content serving
  • Its expenses and its incomes

This will deliver an improved level of responsibility for content creators.

  1. Rising Video Content Will Lead to Further Metadata and Automation
  • Video content has already become the primary way of brand appearance
  • Companies will have to cope with more and bigger video files
  • Increase in storage will be required for 4K video formats
  1. Content to be adjusted for new uses
  • Developing DAM systems will make all types of content accessible for a wide range of new uses.
  • Any user in need of accessing the content will have the facility to easily find and share it.
  1. Cloud Dominance

With countless evolving prospects to add significance to digital content, the rapidity of moving digital assets to cloud systems will accelerate.

  • Information can be removed and put to better use while content gets uploaded to cloud systems
  • Improved cloud storage will empower quicker processing and isolated access, as required
  1. Privacy and Security for Cloud
  • To meet amenability standards of digital content, it will be required to be stored in recognized and confirmable locations.
  • Cloud storage will be a vital step for achieving maximum information security and a facilitator for businesses moving other processes to cloud-based systems
  1. AI will help in adding framework to improve content

2019 will see more companies use AI to move past the boundaries of mere files and folders.

This shift will bring about the creation of metadata concerning each and every piece of content to make it instinctively accessible. Advantages will comprise–

  • Richer Search Results
  • Profounder Digital Content Links
  • Automatic Removal of Fake Content
  • Automated Content Extraction

Overall 2019 will be the year companies reframe their content as a digital asset on an even grander scale.

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