Email Marketing Trends 2019 – What You Can Expect

Email Marketing Trends 2019 – What You Can Expect

Several sensational trends and advances are set to hit the industry of email marketing as email turns 40 years old in 2019. Here’s what we can expect –

Targeted Digital Acquisition – How to Guarantee ROI in 2019

Deliverability has always been an issue for marketers. In 2019, that may change –

  • Due to inadequate information management and improved ideals from leading ISPs like Gmail, emails tend to speedily land in the receivers’ spam folders, making the entire process useless.
  • To reach the user’s inbox consistently and make the most revenue from email promotional campaigns, advertisers need to confirm they are sending appropriate content to high-value subscribers and stop concentrating on quantity and focus on quality.

In 2019, these practices will thus see a hike –

  • Segmentation
  • Email verification
  • Preference centres
  • The long-term value of high-quality customers is the only way good ROI can be secured and there will be a lot of focus on that.

Personalization – Giving Them What They Want

  • The process of Personalization will get all the more scientific as companies will push their sellers for perfection.
  • Marketers will keep testing AI platforms and push sellers to manage their AI requirements and systematize at a bigger scale.
  • This revolution in technology should empower marketers to recognize content blends that achieve better results, quicker and more professionally.

Improved Loyalty Programs – Collecting Customer Data in 2019

  • Loyalty Programs which are already used by several companies are set to become more sophisticated.
  • Clever marketers must use loyalty programs to
  • Gather customer information
  • Appreciate customer behaviour
  • Reach out to loyal customer groups with improved personalization
  • Obtain new customer groups that share similar characteristics

Mobile Order

  • In 2019, it is expected that subscribers will purchase greater orders on cell phones as the user experience improves. To persuade customers, brands are expected to provide-
  • Comprehensive product content
  • More images and videos
  • Customer testimonials
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