Few Ways in which Email Marketing can Strengthen Website Ranking

Few Ways in which Email Marketing can Strengthen Website Ranking

The relationship between email marketing and SEO is an open secret now. Businesses are using the email marketing services to drive the audience and to boost SEO as well as the website ranking. The main channels of driving traffic to the website are the organic search and emails. Researched have revealed that 51% of people land on a website through email marketing. This is the reason why every organization is running a campaign of email marketing. Take a look at below-listed points and know how email marketing can improve your website ranking.

Build a Great Social Nexus

It is true that Google never expressed it in broad daylight that the social activity of a link has a deep impact on the Google ranking. According to a study, the top 4 ranking positions on Google are bagged by the ones who are the most active on Facebook and Google +. No points for guessing that the social activities are extremely crucial to run SEO smoothly, but unfortunately, several marketers are unaware of this fact.

Decrease Bounce Rates

Another crucial statistic that contributes to Google ranking is the website bounce rate. The bounce rate determines if a website has to offer any engaging information to the visitors or not. If a higher bounce rate is generated by the blog posts and the ranking page,  then Google will give them a lower rank and on the SERP. Despite of how much you have optimized the page for the search engine, by producing high quality and relevant content, one can avoid this interruption as well as can attract several more engaging visitors.

Make use of online email archive

In order to keep the emails subscribers engaged, several bloggers and corporate houses create exclusive emails newsletters. But, unfortunately, these emails are often overlooked and forgotten. Hence, one must find ways to refresh the value of these emails in order to improve SEO. One can easily convert email newsletters into PDF files and can keep them safe on the website in an archive. This will simply encourage Google to index your newsletters.

Nowadays, everyone has an access to a smartphone and, hence, pay a little more attention to emails from a particular brand. This is the reason why emails are a smart way to stay in touch with a customer in ways which are a perfect balance of professionalism and personal touch. Through some email marketing services, a brand can understand the areas of its strengths as well as its weaknesses and can work accordingly. Hence, a business is suggested to get in touch with an efficient email marketer for the betterment of its profit graph.

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