Great Ways to Liven Up your Business with Facebook Live

Great Ways to Liven Up your Business with Facebook Live

Facebook Live is Facebook’s new feature that has taken the world by storm. The social media website which boasts over 1 billion daily active users around the world, now allows its users to broadcast live videos. The feature which was first introduced in 2015 has found many uses for itself. If used creatively by your digital marketing agency, it can also boost your business presence considerably on Facebook. In fact, by using Facebook live, a business can enhance its personal touch with its customers.

Here are some ways to exploit this live streaming feature in order to help your business.

Directing the broadcast

A dully planned broadcast can disappoint your target audience. It won’t catch their attention for even five seconds. In order to catch the user’s eye, you need to direct it and give the video a distinct feature. Set out a target audience and direct the broadcast accordingly. Focus on what they might want to see. Normally, users don’t look for anything elaborate in a live video. They just want a trustworthy experience with your business that offers them some insight into your world. So, direct the video through proper usage of camera angles and props. Also maintain a certain level of transparency.

Maintaining quality

It is important for you to maintain high quality when using Facebook Live. Make sure that the camera you’re using offers a high-quality video. Buying an add on camera for your phone is advisable. The audio also needs to be perfect so make sure you are using a proper microphone.

Offering insight

Giving your viewers an insight into your business’ daily activities will make your business seem more credible. Introduce your viewers to your office, production methods (if any) and your staff. For example, if you are running a logistics company, introduce the viewers to your backend staff, explaining how they are contributing to make your business effective. By introducing your staff and their activities to your viewers, you can encourage more customer interaction. Seek the help of a digital marketing agency to do it efficiently.

Coming up with creative captions

Use creative captions that pique the interest of the user. Including call to action messages such as offers or gifts or maybe an interactive game can considerably increase the chances of your broadcast being viewed. Such creativity goes a long way in making the reader curious and interested to watch the entire video.

Displaying new products and features

Using Facebook Live to display new products or features that your business might launch in the future increases the hype and eagerness of the customer. Giving a peek into future products, doing countdowns, etc. can prove to be an effective way of marketing. This actually makes your job easier when the product is actually launched.

Facebook Live is really easy to use. With appropriate guidance from a digital marketing agency and keeping in mind these techniques, you can successfully start off with your live video. It can be an added advantage for your entire business marketing campaign.

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