How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing?

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing?

The high rise of the e-commerce sector transformed the way people are running their business. Entrepreneurs have chosen the digital platforms to run their businesses on a higher scale. When a local business comes to the online world, it needs to consider  few factors which help them to make their business more visible and grab the attention of the potential customers. Local consumers usually tend to search the stores which are nearby to them and more than a half of local consumers end up visiting any of the stores they found there. It is people’s tendency to choose any of the top 3 local listings that are being displayed on their smartphone’s screen.

In those top 3 listing results, users find a lot of information including the customer’s ratings, on what distance they are and these are enough for them to make a final call. Hence, submitting your business to Google business listing can give significant results to the local businesses.

Set up your Google Business Listing

This is the initial step which one should prioritize. For this, go to Google’s My Business page and click on the “Start Now” button appearing on the upper left corner of the home page. Now, put every required information in it. Make sure that you are not avoiding any asked information and putting all the accurate information, as to make your profile neat and complete.

Choose Category

Once you are done with the first step, you need to choose the category of your business. Select your business category from the available list, as it helps Google to decide that in which search position your local listing should belong to. If you can’t find any relevant category from the available list, then go with the general one which could describe your business precisely.

Upload High Resolution Images

Presenting a business in the most engaging way can help it to grab the customer’s attention in a wink only. To make your listing more appealing and eye-catching, load high-resolution images which express the essence of your business precisely and let it stand out from the crowd. It is highly recommendable for people to use photos which depict a 360 degree virtual tour of your business, as the listings which make use of such images are chosen twice than those listings which use normal images in them.

Put same Information Everywhere Else

Putting the same information everywhere else helps Google to verify the legitimacy of the listing. So, whenever you are listing your business at any other platform, make sure that you are putting the address with the same name and same number everywhere.

Use a local number

Using a local number assures Google that you are actually a local business. Hence, use the same local number with local area code at every listing platform. Be it the social media platform or your official business website which you link from the Google listing, the contact number which you have used should include the local area code.

Avoid Penalties

No matter, how precisely you have submitted your business to ‘Google My Business Listing’, if you are not abiding by Google’s rules and incurring the penalty then it will not show any mercy to suspend your business listings. Thus, breaching Google’s algorithm can prove to be an atrocious decision for business. So, follow the Google’s guidelines and have a look at some of the points which you should avoid doing :

  1. Don’t try to play smart by using a URL which redirects to your website, instead use the actual URL there.
  2. Excessive stuffing of keywords to the ‘business name field’ can be left with a wrong impression.
  3. Avoid using multiple local listings for the same business location with the help of some Local SEO services.
  4. Putting any wrong address of a business or address which is not a storefront could get you in trouble.

So, make sure that you are not making any such offence, as it could cost you a lot.

Customer’s Reviews

You may have seen or noticed that the listed businesses usually have ratings which they have got from their customers. Any local SEO company in India will let you know that Google always strives to give the best results to its users, thus, provide such options to display much better and relevant results. Smart consumers always get their eyes over the reviews posted by the customers. You can ask your own customers to give you high star rating and some good reviews.

Optimize your Website and Content

Instead of optimizing the local listings, focus on optimizing the website and content, as it increases your website’s authority. Consider a few points which are listed below :

  1. Put some useful keywords into the meta tags and do the same on each page.
  2. Don’t forget to add schema markup to your website.
  3. Try to find out some local linking opportunities.
  4. Put some relevant content, targeting the locals.

Having a website with good authority can help your customers to find you and the services you are offering. Seek some Local SEO Services for achieving this. So, optimize your Google My Business Listing and get your business in front of your potential customers when they search for you on Google. In addition to this, you can also look for some Local SEO Services or can choose SEO company in India which help your local business to target your potential customers.


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