How to Trigger a Handsome Boost in the Lead Conversion Rate

How to Trigger a Handsome Boost in the Lead Conversion Rate

One of the business challenges that digital marketing agencies often face is a sharp drop in the quality and quantity of inbound leads, during the holiday season spanning from December to January. Some companies have indulged in certain experiments to find out whether they are capable of increasing the lead during this trying time of the year. Here are the results of one such experiment.

The Quantity of Visitors

The company tried out with the keyword ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ over local search as well as organic listing, knowing the fact that quantity of visitors is directly proportional to market demand. Seasonality had brought about a considerable dip in the quantity of visitors, so the focus was on boosting the lead number through enhancing conversions. The main goal was to obtain a similar lead count with the currently lesser visitor count.

Exit Intent Popups- The Road to Conversions

Exit intent popups enable organizations to boost signups for email newsletters. The company which conducted the experiment wished to discover if the same popups can be utilized for boosting conversions with respect to website leads.

‘Pop-Up-Ally Pro’, a wordpress plugin service associated with the exit intent popup was selected. This makes room for displaying exit intent popup to browsers planning to go out of the website. The plugin detects when the user prefers to leave the website through sensing tab closure or navigating to another website through the address bar. The usual aim of these popups is to generate email signups, but the company wished to generate leads from them.

Hence the exit intent popup was configured with a unique message, something that visitors usually do not come across on any website. The photograph and the contact number of the ‘Head of Digital & Web Strategy’ were displayed, allowing the prospective customer to get in touch with a senior person. This brought in a credibility and surprise element, resulting in most clients going a step ahead to call the senior person. 30% of them left their name and email id, which the business development team duly followed up.

Through deploying a cookie, this popup was shown only once. This means that the message will be displayed only for the first time and will not trouble repeat visitors.

The Achievements

There was a considerable increase in the lead conversion rate and well as the quality of visits, as the company’s senior person started receiving direct calls from seniors of client organizations. The previous lead conversion ratio of 1.96% became 2.75%, considering the unique visits that led to leads. On the whole, the conversion rate showed a marked improvement of 35% from unique visits, and there was also considerable boost in the quality of leads.

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