Leverage Social Media and Take Content Promotion to the Next Level

A lot of analysis and research goes into the creation of compelling content, and then the time comes to market it. Any reputed provider of content strategy in Delhi will tell you that social platforms are one of the best places to promote your content, since users spend over 25% of their online time in social media. Here are some effective ways of content promotion over social media. Follow these and enter the next level of promotion.

Go the visual way

You must have seen that tweets accompanied by images engage users more. Again, photo posts over Facebook lead to more user engagement. Same is true for LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat, the latter three being completely based on images. So, go for the visual and try to incorporate separate images for each segment of your content.

Say it with headlines

Your content can be called great only when it has a headline that can draw attention over social media. So, you have to create sensational titles for making your content promotable. For the same content, you may even create a fresh title for sharing it on social media platforms.

There are a number of tools available such as Buzzsumo which provide due assistance for finding out effective titles for similar content. For creating great content with catchy headlines, you may also contact an established content marketing agency in Delhi.

Customize for each platform

If you are sharing content on different social media platforms, make use of customized posting features for each platform. Every social media user or marketer is a part of the rat race vying for the viewer’s attention. Given this, higher level of optimization for platforms will definitely ensure more efficient promotion. For instance, if you are sharing a link through Facebook, a catchy headline, an interesting image and a compelling description can help your post stand out and generate interest.

Share at the proper time

No, you do not have to check out your stars for that. In order to obtain maximum engagement with your post, pick a time when most of the social media users are online and active. Remember that each platform might have a different peak time, and it is your responsibility to conduct research and understand the manner of user engagement over each social network. But you can as well hand over the job to a reliable digital marketing agency, who will post your content to generate maximum response.

Be free to post multiple times

Research has revealed that if you promote the same content a number of times over social media, it yields great results. So, do not feel afraid to do so. You may share a link to the same content that you earlier posted using diverse headlines and images. All social media users will not see your posts in a single day, so you can always post a number of times to increase your chances of visibility.

Finally, you should keep in mind that links are not an end in itself. You need to communicate with the social media users for more engagement, and one of the most interesting ways to do that is asking questions that entice readers to leave their response. To get the best ROI, rope in an experienced provider of content strategy in Delhi, who can show you the right way.

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