Make Your Product Launch Successful with Exceptional Digital Branding

Make Your Product Launch Successful with Exceptional Digital Branding

Is a new product launch on the cards? Then this is the time to plan a result-oriented campaign to get customers hooked. With state-of-the-art digital branding you can not only increase awareness about your product, but also reach prospective clients.

Here’s how you can leverage digital branding for a healthy product launch.

Create a landing page that includes a powerful call-to-action

Prior to release of the product, create an effective landing page which acts as the digital home, where people can visit for essential information regarding your product. Landing pages are very important if you want to capture leads through generating interest. Consult an experienced digital marketing services provider for effective landing pages that bring you results.

Include a call-to-action in the landing page and make it very simple and clear, yet powerful. It should be distinctly visible in order to draw the attention of the visitor. The button color should be so chosen that it stands apart from other page elements. Also, ensure that the content of the CTA is personal and enticing, making visitors aware of what they would get, in a short and crisp manner.

Develop messages in line with target buyer personas

During a product launch campaign you would definitely want to be sure that your marketing messages are targeting people who are most likely to purchase your product. While developing messages you must remember one thing- your customers will purchase solutions and not product features.

You should go for a brainstorming session to find out questions that your prospects may have about your product, and provide genuine answers to the same, so that the decision making process is made convenient for the buyer. For this, you need to understand the requirements and behavior of your buyers, along with the challenges they face.

Include videos that guide the buyer

You may take the help of any digital marketing services provider to assimilate the content and create a compelling video. If your landing page has a video, it goes a long way in boosting conversions.

Videos that interactively guide the buyers and assist them in the decision making process are extremely helpful for conversions. With the arrival of live video in the marketplace, you may even opt for Periscope or Facebook Live to indulge in a question and answer session on a real-time basis.

Use social media to talk about the product launch

Social media can be immensely beneficial in increasing awareness about your product and sparking off online conversation about it. Under the guidance of an established digital marketing agency, make use of the right social platforms for brand announcements and communications regarding your product. For sharing short video demos, product photos, and other disappearing content, it would be great if you can partner with influencers.

Once you are successful in capturing leads, you must keep the prospects engaged, in order to make sure that they take a positive buying decision. An email sequence compiled by an expert digital marketing services team can be of great help in making your prospect move ahead in the sales funnel.

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