Reviewing SEO in 2018: The Highlights

Reviewing SEO in 2018: The Highlights

2018 was an eventful year for SEO, with

  • Many major Google search algorithm updates
  • Important modifications within Google’s administration team
  • The rise of mobile first indexing
  • Other variations with the Google Search Console

Here are some of the most important highlights –

Major SEO changes

Structured Data

The general premise with SEO this year, in terms of what’s happened with Google, was undoubtedly around how much importance Google put in the direction of structured data. New improvements were seen in –

  • Qualifying speak-able mark-up for voice search inquiries
  • Innovative indexing API structure for job posting scheme
  • Image search changes
  • Several updates to procedure mark-up
  • Innovative job posting guidelines

Mobile-first Indexing

The mission that Google started in 2016 – the mobile-first indexing test in order to index the web from the standpoint of a cell phone instead of desktops.

  • 2018 saw Google take a huge step towards this direction as they rolled out this change to a huge number of websites in 2018.
  • Google also started sending out notices via Google Search Console when a website was switched to a mobile-first indexing pattern.
  • In 2018, it was recorded that 50% of search results are indexed via mobile-first indexing.

Google Search Ranking Updates

Speed Update

  • The update was designed to impact the slowest websites regarding their ranking positions in search results.

Medic Update

  • Google categorized it as a “core algorithm update”
  • Launched on August 1, possibly the most considerable and important search ranking algorithm that heavily impacted the SEO community was the Medic Update.

Google UI changes

  • In 2018 the Google mobile home started showing an additional discover feed in addition to the search box. Additional ‘more results’ buttons were also added for smart phones.

Google Posts

  • Google Posts traffic levels declined in 2018.

Google My Business

  • In 2018 Google immensely updated the Google My Business mobile applications to allow businesses to update and supervise their business listings on the move.
  • Google added extra insights information, analytics and even fashioned an Agency dashboard for local SEO companies.
  • Google attributed women and veteran led enterprises.

Voice Assistants

  • Voice assistants and the increase of Google Home and Google Assistant devices is set to be the new challenge for SEO experts in 2019.
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2018 was an eventful year for SEO, with Many major Google search algorithm updates Important modifications withi
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