SEO Errors That Can Absolutely Spoil Your E-commerce Website

So far as ecommerce websites are concerned, search engine optimization is not only about listing the numerous products on the sites. Compared to general websites or blogs, SEO for ecommerce websites is a more complicated task, and it becomes all the more difficult with the number of product pages being added or deleted occasionally or regularly. Here are some of the commonest SEO errors that online stores often tend to make.

  1. Absence of proper product description

An ecommerce site might lose the opportunity of being in the first search engine result page if the products lack adequate text description. This error is common to online clothing shops or gift stores, although it might happen to any other portal. So, always make sure that the item card has a description that is completely unique. Remember that to enhance the weight of unique context, the text that you add should have more number of words than the word count of the sidebar, footer, navigation and any other text on the empty product page taken together.

  1. Incorporating manufacturers’ product descriptions

By doing this, you can surely guarantee non-unique content on your site and get penalized by Google. On one hand these manufacturers’ descriptions are delivered to several online stores and on the other hand, they are not crafted in a selling manner. It might be a great challenge to create unique content for loads of products, but you can always get the job done by an efficient digital marketing agency in Delhi. In case composing unique content for a particular page becomes almost next to impossible, you can put a NO INDEX meta tag for that page.

  1. Absence of product reviews

Research has revealed that approximately 70% of buyers read reviews before they make their purchasing decision. This implies that a site without reviews is missing out on a mammoth portion of the target audience. Also, review pages can make it to the top of search results more conveniently. In fact, by leaving product reviews, customers are not only creating unique content, but also making your site more dynamic.

  1. Lack of Search Demand Based Optimization

While writing title pages, headlines or product descriptions, many online store owners fail to consider the search keywords that are being commonly typed. This mistake is usually made by store owners who sell a large number of good belonging to different categories. It would be best if in the product pages, you can incorporate brand names and model numbers in H1 headings and title tags. Also include image alt tag details and do not commit the blunder of unnecessarily repeating keyword phrases again and again.

  1. Duplicate Titles and Content

Unique title tags is perhaps the foundation of SEO, but is often ignored in case of ecommerce websites. When you are selling similar items from varied brands, creating unique title tags becomes difficult. In such cases, try to incorporate unique key phrases.

Tags, pages to print and other elements which lead to duplicate content should be closed in robots.txt, so that they are not indexed by search engines. Moreover, you can use things like canonical tag or nofollow attributes to manage the issue of duplicate content.

  1. Absence of interactive urls

These are in fact keyword friendly urls which help a lot in effective search engine optimization. Moreover by using this kind of urls the customer will easily know what to obtain as they click on the url.

Avoid these errors and make your business shine through your online portal. Get it right the first time by availing the services of an efficient digital marketing agency in Delhi.

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