Ways of Prioritizing SEO Tasks by Impact

Ways of Prioritizing SEO Tasks by Impact

Businesses are always trying to find out brand new ways to overpower the competitors. These days, businesses are seeking Digital Marketing assistance and thus all the businesses seem to ask a very common question to every search engine optimization specialists. The question is “How can we improve our website?”

Well, this is a very tricky question as a website requires a lot in order to get noticed by the potential customers. This is the reason why the SEO experts do not limit their recommendations for a brand. There are several SEO teams who do not have proper strategies to lift a brand and this is the reason why the SEO teams end up driving traffic from a website rather than attracting them.

There are few ways through which the SEO teams manage to deliver the best results. Let us look at them:

Prioritize by impact

Time is limited in a day. This means that every single thing cannot be done in that restricted time period. Hence putting one or two things on the list will simply mean that the recommendations that are going to be the most impactful for the site will surely be chosen.

There is also a thing which is called the technical SEO audit. In this, the SEO experts recommend heading tags, redirect updates, canonicalization, image compression and several other things. It is very common for a developer team to feel challenged by the regular day to day schedule.

In order to pull out the best of strategies, the SEO experts analyze what is holding a site back. To them title tags really do not hold the highest priority in the world but if by any chance a site do not have them, then making them available on the site can improve the site very much…

While making a recommendation, the SEO team helps a brand to start adopting all the ways which will lead the brand to utmost success. It is not possible to hold everything as a priority.

Prioritize by resources

The concept which goes for prioritizing by impact, the same concept goes for prioritizing by resources as well.

A particular SEO team says that once they got a client to whom they suggested to shift their website from HTTP to HTTPS. It was definitely an exciting and challenging task for the team. This is because moving a site to HTTPS is not a cakewalk.  It can result in numerous errors, but despite that the SEO team did it successfully. The SEO team says that they had noticed several times that a brand has lost out on a significant amount of organic traffic while shifting to HTTPS. This is the reason why the SEO team has waited for a very long time until and unless they found the right people in the place for a smooth transition. Eventually everything about the site got a positive shift and it got the traffic that it requires in order to make its mark in the market.

Here comes another example:

The SEO team got a client and that time the client was seeking some help regarding the content. The client required someone to edit, approve and manage the entire process well. But there was not anyone to help the client. So at that time, the SEO team decided to blog refreshers. The team identified a list of older blog posts that were good to go. So they were all updated. The team did not require extensive review thus making them able to implement the changes. As a result, the blog traffic got intense and the team was able to show improvements without new content.

Align recommendations with business goals:

It is very natural for businesses to stay in sync with the organizational goals.  Hence it gets crucial for a brand to manifest results that are beneficial for the overall organization. Thus, you have to keep in mind whether you too are doing that or not. It is always a good idea to keep a track whether the recommendation which you have received are channelizing you towards the improvement of organic traffic and revenue or not? If this has not been the case so far then you must make sure that you understand the team responsibility as well as the objectives for SEO. This will be really fruitful if you will understand the objectives of the supportive teams as a whole as well.

Do not be in a hurry to choose the latest thing:

Just because it is latest, it does not mean that it is useful. There are several things that Google recommends a brand in order to make it secure. But it has happened several times that after this suggestion, Google itself failed to differentiate in between a secured and non-secured site. Dealing with this aspect of Google definitely requires patience.

Authorship, Google Plus and more like the 300 character Meta descriptions, they were all very interesting and this does not mean that they were compulsory to use. Hence SEO teams takes a lot of time in order to analyze what is the best solution for a brand in order to attract the potential customers to a website. After a deep analysis of the best competitive strategy, the SEO team applies it in order to make a brand stand out from the crowd.

Thus, a brand must focus on all the SEO strategies that will make sense for the business and not because Google recommended it.

Closing thoughts

Success is the oxygen of any business at all. This is the reason why businesses invest their hard earned money in those solutions which they perceive the best. Through the SEO strategies, the team continues to interpret, gauge and adjust their solutions according to changing market scenario. Any SEO team would want to fix the loose ends but that does not fall in the option all the time. Thus, it becomes necessary to support the team in prioritizing their task and help them to understand the impact of each of the recommendations that are built with the business objectives in mind.

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