Win More Ecommerce Sales with a Brilliant Checkout in Place

Simply going for ecommerce website development will not help an ecommerce company generate more sales. Shopping cart abandonment must be reduced for better revenue and for that you need a specialist to optimize the checkout process. Here are five great ways to make room for an exceptional checkout experience for the customer.

  1. Ensure seamless checkout flow procedure

If you consult an experienced provider for ecommerce website development, you will come to know that a hassle-free checkout process gets completed within 5 to 8 clicks, excluding those needed to fill forms. Usually the flow process should involve selection of the product, specification of color, quantity and size, registration, billing, payment and delivery option and finally the confirmation.

You can add an option suggesting more shopping, but nothing more than that. Otherwise the flow will be cumbersome and will disappoint and consequently repel customers.

  1. Include easy-to-understand process indicator

Effective ecommerce website development demands that your customer should never be clueless. They have every right to know the number of steps that the checkout process involves. This gives them a clear idea as to how the whole process will proceed and the amount of time required for submission of the order. As the progress bar displays the current phase of the process and the upcoming phases, the customer is extremely satisfied because he gets a sense of control.

  1. Make registration simply an option

Your customers should have the freedom to choose whether to register or not. There are some visitors who won’t prefer to give away their personal details without recognizing the portal. So, making registration mandatory would not be a great marketing idea. Moreover, the very idea of filling a long form frustrates a number of customers, who in turn tend to abandon the shopping cart.

To gain trust of such categories of customers, make them connect with your website and complete the transaction process as a guest. In this way you can ensure a higher conversion rate.

  1. Go for more minimalistic forms

During an online purchase, sharing a lot of information makes the process monotonous. Duly planned ecommerce website development ensures that there is minimum number of fields in the registration forms. Remember that if you solicit less information from your customers, they will definitely go for more purchase. Hence, let the forms be compact with inclusion of only the relevant fields.

  1. Rope in trust factors

It goes without saying that ecommerce is not a brick and mortar business, allowing customers to come to your store and express their grievances later. Given the exponential increase in online frauds, it is very important for you to establish trust and win the customer’s confidence. Displaying security icons on payment and transaction pages is directly related to trust building and increase of conversion rates.

Take care of these optimization parameters, and also ensure that your site includes diverse payment options. Paypal payments, card payments and Cash on Delivery are great triggers for customers to complete the checkout procedure.

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